Young Men

Young men who perform Aaronic Priesthood ordinances are among the angels who serve others on this side of the veil.
Three magazines will serve Church members worldwide in new print and digital formats: “Ensign” title will be retired; youth magazine will have a new name.
A bishop’s primary role emphasized, ward Young Men presidencies discontinued, and Young Women presidents have a direct line to the bishop.
Never before in my life have I felt as much joy or excitement as I did when I opened my mission call.” Jeron Bennett
With coordinated lifting and faith in every footstep of the 20 kilometers, the bulk of the muscle-power needed for the journey had been completed.
“Some of the great blessings of these programs are that as the youth of the Church, you will have a clear understanding of who you are, you will be accountable for your actions, you will take responsibility for the conduct of your life, and you will be able to set goals so that you might achieve what you were sent to earth to achieve. Our plea is that you strive to do your very best.”
Situated near Victoria, BC on Vancouver Island is Camp Barnard, a 250-acre camp property with extensive hiking trails set among pine, cedar and fir forests and a salmon-bearing stream surrounding 14-acre Young Lake.