The Power of Prayer

The Power of Prayer

Early morning, Fort McMurray, Alberta, late 1980s: Brother Svendsen is taking his usual load of youth to an early morning Seminary class. His old yellow Jeep Wagoneer, heavy as a tank, full of sleepy youth, makes it to the main highway, then down to the bottom of the hill, and then stalls! Fuel gauge…empty! Oh no, forgot to fuel up the night before!

Early morning, Fort McMurray, Alberta, late 1980s

Bro. Svendsen turns on the ignition; Old Yellow starts up, sputters and then dies. “Well, guys,” he says, “looks like we’re not making it to Seminary this morning. This Jeep is as heavy as a tank; it’s still about half a kilometre to town. What do we do?” One youth exclaims: “We say a prayer that we can make it to a gas station.”

Bro Svendsen says, “Sure, let’s do that,” thinking to himself that there is no way they will make it, as Jeeps just don’t run on empty. They say a quick prayer. Brother Svendsen starts the Jeep, and it goes a few feet, and stalls again. Then the most amazing thing happens…the Jeep just keeps rolling along, very slowly, but steadily. Not a sound from the engine, not a word from anyone.

At the light they must turn right -- no other car, clear sailing. They sail through the next intersection, the light stays green, people are watching this ‘tank’ quietly rolling along, not believing their eyes. Finally, just through the next intersection we have to turn right, up a slight incline to the gas station. It can’t possibly do that--Jeep Wagoneers don’t run on empty, let alone uphill. But wait, it just keeps rolling along, and comes to a stop at the fuel pumps. The attendant is standing there watching what just happened, mouth open, in shock.

We fuel up, and make it to Seminary! What a great testimony of the power of prayer! The youth talked about it for a very long time. They even make a skit for the Road Show about it.

Back to today: Brother Svendsen meets up with one of the ‘youth’, now a married man with six children, and one of the first things he mentions is that early morning when Old Yellow ran on the power of Prayer.

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